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coaching that comes with an app!

This app connects you to the power that lies in the "underground" version of your story. 

Personalized one-on-one coaching with a unique approach specifically for those who have been stuck in pain. The app includes the option to join our growth-minded community, 6-week challenges, yearly adventure challenges, pep talks for those give-up moments, and successful tools for lasting changes towards creating a life that belongs to you again.

For those who are so tired of where they are that they're ready for clarity on how to grow forward. You're ready to be heard, most importantly by your own ears.

Installing the app is free of charge.

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It's time to choose you!

Affordable Flexible Options

Everyone starts with a free Discovery call. Single sessions, four-pack sessions, or a 6-week challenge option for those who are serious about getting unstuck. Similarly priced to therapy sessions.

Goal Tracking

You can't improve what you don't measure, right? Celebrate your daily achievements, getting a visual of your progress to see how far you come! Watching your growth in real time not only boosts your motivation but also reveals valuable patterns and strategies that work for you! 

Community Support

A place to connect, share ideas, progress, inspire and support each other. Our own tribe of overcomers.

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"When I read your book, when I talk to you, everything is so clear. Everything makes sense. For the first time ever I can look at my story and ...I'm okay with it."  - Jessica F.

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