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My story

Self Doubt and Empowerment Coach

miranda murdock

Self-Doubt and Empowerment Coach, Published Author

I'm a certified Self-Doubt and Empowerment coach and published author of Roots of an Oak: The strength of who you are is grown underground. I founded an annual nonprofit race called Breaking the Silence of Sexual Abuse 5K 10K. In 2021, I was honored to be nominated as ‘Woman of Distinction” in a local magazine. I'm also married, together we have four children― but what you really want to know is if I can understand how to help you.

Am I right? 

Have you ever been to a nutrition class that was taught by someone who didn't seem to practice healthy habits for themselves? Or a personal trainer that doesn't look like they work out? It's hard to believe in their direction or tools when it doesn't seem to be something that has worked for them, something that they believe in for themselves.  And for hard, real change, at the very least- you need to believe it's yours for the taking. That it is possible.

I believe overcoming ourselves is possible. I believe in what I do, not only because I was taught these tools and understanding through Jay Shetty Life Coach Certification, but also because I've been there. I've been alone, bullied and sexually abused as a child, ashamed, divorced, and trapped in the "underground" places of life. For years, I minimized who I was and what I was capable of, tired of being half alive. Tired of staying down but too scared to let myself be any different than what I was.

I studied overcoming to understand instead of just to exist through. Through coaching myself, I let myself "out",  leading me to a tremendous freedom. A freedom that is waiting for you. And the best part? You'll be left with...what else am I capable of?

We are all equipped for more; it just needs to be tapped in to.

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