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Connect power to your story

Self-doubt and Empowerment Coaching for those ready for a life that belongs to them


Do you minimize what you want and who you are to belong to everything around you but still feel like you don't belong? Are you tired of living small and being controlled by limitations?


Do you dismiss yourself, your boundaries, or what you're capable of?

Are you bored and feel alone in it?

I get it. I was so tired of feeling half alive, tired of staying down but too scared to let myself be any different than what I was. Why can't I push up from "underground"? It took years to discover my answers had been waiting inside of me all along, I promise you that yours are too. I can guide you to save you from more wasted years.

Fill fully alive
Miranda Murdock

Why inner oak coaching?

Miranda truly believes that every individual has the power to transform their own life because of their tough experiences.  As as Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach, she provides personalized self-doubt and empowerment coaching services to those who are ready to live a life they can finally belong to.


She's a published author of Roots of an Oak: The strength of who you are is grown underground.  Where she applies the metaphor of an oak tree to explain how we all get stuck in the "root" stages of our growth. Staying there is where our life stops feeling like it "fits". The passion lies in realizing that we don't have to stay there, we just need some guidance and clarity on how to use those places to unlock our full potential.


With her guidance, training and personal experience of overcoming her own "underground" places she's made it her mission to help others uncover what's possible with their one life.

what's the value
in coaching?

In today's disconnected world and social media pressures, it's harder to connect to who you truly are and find strength in what you find when you do.

Without coaching, it can take many wasted years to understand what's truly holding you back or why your life no longer fits. You lose time that you don't have reading the abundance of books, articles and podcasts just to still feel stuck in the end. You're missing how to connect it all to your unique mind and experiences.

When you invest in coaching, you'll find your way to:

  • Healthier daily habits

  • Confidence in boundaries

  • Clarity & empowerment to reach big goals

  • Tools to handle anxiety and limiting beliefs

  • Results that last a lifetime

Through one-hour sessions of 1 on 1 coaching, Miranda's clients have found their way out of places they've been stuck in for years. They've taken new unsure paths, and after a few sessions, discovered that they had their answers inside of them to now walk confidently in that direction.


The sessions will have tools and daily habit changes to ensure results can be applied in your future "stuck" places. You'll reach goals you never believed you could. You'll be able to be heard, most importantly, by your own ears.

Discovery Call

Miranda's coaching has helped me in a way no testimonial can really cover, but I'll do my best. I worked with her on issues from stress, anxiety and procrastination. I felt relaxed with her style, but most importantly, you get real outcomes that you can implement in your day to day life. It's not just talking through issues but ideas and routines to put in place that help.

Cindy G.


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